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Orders status

Every package have been sent to far. I know some people didn't received their vials, some asked a refund (which was ignored due to no time), ... If you are in such situation, I made some quick forms to be able to parse all theses requests more efficiently.

If you need a reship / vial exchange / .... : https://form.oelabs.co/form/R1Ww1d
If you want a refund (defect, already asked a refund before sending package, ...) : https://form.oelabs.co/form/GVkRjB
If you have another question : https://form.oelabs.co/form/5V9yVl

The plan is to fulfill all the requests, but alone with 1620 emails, I can't make it.

Project future

As written the 21th august, I'll close this project. At the begging, we were 3 to run it. Now I am alone. Trying to deal with my official job, Alice's health, and my own failing condition. For sure, this situation for people who trust us and for me is no longer sustainable.

This project wasn't made to last, but it was a lunching pad for something bigger. Hope you'll heard of it within 2 or 3 years if everything keeps rolling.

Vials availability

I firstly need to sure that everyone get a replacement / their orders. To do that, I'll keep 50 vials of EEN / EV in backup, in case of. Currently, the stocks are +-80 EEN & +-200 EV.

To be sure everything's goes on track, I'll only allow packages of 2 vials. Not 3, not 4. But only 2. The reason behind that is I already have prepared the packages. I Only need to stick your address label and here we go.

Expect sales opening on Monday. 12h:00 GMT.

For those who do not know, I disappear during the last 2 months. The reason is that I had to juggle between my work at the hospital and my own health.

I've been admitted during July due to severe health issue that has been running around during 5 months.

For the current orders

Of course, we will complete all the pending orders. I do not plan to leave and scam. If you prefer a refunding (what I can understand), I'll setup a process for that.

For the future

I'll not produce Enanthate anymore. And plan to finish my Valerate raw component before stopping for good this project.


Be sure it has been a lot of challenge driving this lab. The current years issue had reason of all our good will.


All orders containing EEN have been sent.


We still need to process 30 vials. Which should be done this week.

Place Move and Refunds

We’re currently though unstacking all our mails and messages. For sure, some individuals told us about their place to move, and we still shipped to their last known location. If you’re in this case, we will process either to a repost or a refund.

For the people waiting for a refund, we will give you as soon as possible a link where you can enter a BTC address. Money will be released as quickly as we get enough credits.

Current Ticketing System and Limitations

As you may have seen, we do rarely reply to messages. We currently have a poor ticketing system. And we need to move to a new one as soon as possible. After the platform migration, we will have four more people on the team.

Also, some well-intended human used our website to spam the entire earth, leading to the ban of our three SMTP servers. Boring.

To Conclude

We need to move on and finish the restart. We knowingly decided to send packages, even if the address could be incorrect to proceed to the most deliveries as possible. Theses orders issues will be fixed case based.

Expect a project relaunch on May 22.

Hello, First of all, thank you for reading this news. These 2 last months were the most horrific in my life. I'll not enter into details, but to be short, Alice didn't healed as expected and will most likely never be. Last time she went home, she attempted on my life. Here were my last 10 days.

What about


If you are unable to receive the package, or if you need a refund, please contact us trough email at contact at oelabs.co to ask for it. We will give you all the refunds asked for. However, it can take some time to get the treasury needed for it. In case of an emergency refund, please state it on your email object.

Proceeding of all the orders

I've made during the last week 200 vials of EEn and 100 vials of EV. Today, I'll sort and check all the packages numbers already edited. And plan to send them next week.

We have 293 EEn and 291 EV waiting. New batches will be make next week.

Future of this project

Vial reservation to stock selling only

For sure, this dept like situation can't continue. As unsafe for customers and me as I'll continue this project alone. Unlike before where we were doing vial reservation, I will only put on sale what is already prepared and ready to be sold.

Project legality

For now, this project is the dark side of the biggest project that you may ear from. However for my security, I do not feel safe about following the dark path. With some lawyers, we found a way to do it more safely. The project will be rebranded.

To digest: I know how HRT is important. And that's why I want to stay and will stay present.

Two days ago, I was about to write that Alice fully recovered. However, since yesterday she seems to be fully incoherent as she were three weeks ago.
To be honest, I do not know what to think about the situation.

This project doesn't concern only Alice, Josephine and me. It also concern you, the people who trusted us. And I can't delay further more my implication on this project, even if the situation hasn't moved. My professional activity will be resume this week. I'll then clean all the pending orders.

The processes for order cleaning

Since some people waited up to 2 months their packages, some have ordered vials with another sellers. Some lost the thrust on this project (what I fully understand). Full refund process will be setup in the following days. It can take some times before going trough, based on the project money.

Please wait up to three day for the following procedures :

  • Address update
  • Refund request
  • And all other requests.

Staff & support reworking

Before Alice felled, I were working on a support system swap. In order to allow more people to help us, and have a better following on the current tickets. This step still need to be done, which I will work on the following days.

For the last few days, my partner in life (Alice) start acting really weirdly. And we currently do not know more about her medical situation.

Implication in this project

For now, I do not have the mind space to peacefully continue either my professional activity (MD) or this project. As you can imagine, my mind is focused on my partner's situation, and trying to keep a minimum stability level to be here for her.

About the current orders

I also know a lot of people are currently waiting for their orders. The procedure and process to follow will come. For now, I didn't sleep for more than 48h and spent my last hours crying all the tears I can.

Continuing this project in this mindset would be dangerous for you and me. Hope you can understand the situation.

Take care, Laurène

Hello everyone,

Shop reopening date

Our show will reopen on the 1st of February for 100 vials of EEN and 100 vials of EV. Additional vials may be sold later.
The website will be updated at 11:11 GMT+1.

In case of bulk orders (more than six vials), please reach us to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

New blog/site update

Please take into consideration our blog for all our news and official communications.

Stay safe,
Laurène, for OELabs project

First of all: Happy new year :)

Orders status

Thanks a lot to everyone who has waited a long time for their vials.
Everyone should have received a tracking number which will be mailed next week.
We are deeply sorry for the delay, and I'll try to explain the reasons below.

Everyone knows that while making such a project, we are not legally safe.
As we are a team of 3 medical doctors, we risk our licenses and career if the police or regulation caught us.
To prevent this kind of issue, we were using a lot of OPSEC, trying to keep us safe.

However, Spiffy's story makes us realize that playing this game is like being a mouse waiting to be chased. This is not a sustainable solution.
For that, we were looking during the last month for French legal advice from lawyers. Trying to find a path to get OELabs “grayed zone”. s Without a such solution, we need to keep a high OPSEC level, meaning a lot of time lost on a day to day operations (fingerprints, reduced postal automation, ...).

Future availability

We do not want to fall into the current high-delay situation.
And we will try to be low profile as possible during the future months.

The shop will reopen on 1/02 with only 100 vials of EEN and 100 vials of EV.
We will see later to add some vials.
As announced before (due to current inflation), prices will update as follow :

  • Estradiol Valerate: 40€ –> 45€
  • Estradiol Enanthate: 60€ –> 69€

Also, we will create a transfer kit (from 10 mL vials to 3 mL cartridges) with all the materials (gloves, filters, syringes, 3 mL cartridges) and a “how-to” guide.
I know that 3mL packaging is life-saving for some people.

Current staff situation

I'm (Laurène), currently alone on the physical side of this project.
The two others project members are away for their jobs.

We thank a lot to Isa, which is working with us to answer the live chat and emails.
If you want to be part of the adventure, feel free to reach me.

Therefore, as we are understaffed, please be kind with your emails and live chat. We are behind trying our best.
Reading awful emails is sometimes hard to handle.

Personal Mindset

I currently absolutely do not feel safe about this project.
Some people from the transgender community who know me (my real ID) threaten me with police reporting. To be honest, that put me into a difficult psychological situation.
Also, having high delays makes me feel guilty for all people who trusted us.

However, I know that this project is life-saving for some people here. And that's why I want to continue and keep my motivation in leading this project.
Please understand that I'm afraid. But still trying to do my best to keep the best service possible.

Stay safe, Lauène

Please find below some information about how the project is doing.

Filtration status

Everything is going fine with 1 um filtration. See here for details.


French orders have been sent today. Internationals are waiting for stamps to come. It should come within 1 week. We expect to ship before New Year.

Budget status

This is the hard point. After the filtration issue, we had 1.5k€ left. After the stamps order, the project is in debt of 2.5k€. And some providers need to be paid before January 5, 2023.


We will reopen the orders today, with the same price as before. However, due to the backlog and the holidays, expect a 1-month delay (up to maximum two).

After January 9, price will be increased due to our raw cost (stamps took 10%, raw API 15%, external lab cost 15%) and filtration improvement.

Price will be

  • Oestradiol Enantate 60€ –> 69€ (9€/15% increase)

  • Oestradiol Valerate 40€ –> 45 € (5€/13% increase)

Little upgrade

Now, valerate vials have a red cap. And enantate a blue one ;)

1. Filtration issue solved

After three providers trial and seven different membranes, we finally found a solution for our filtration issue.
We dropped the idea of sterile filtration (<0.22 um) because, the smaller pores are the shorter filter life is. Filtering a single litter of oestradiol with 20 different filters is not sustainable.

For community purpose, if someone wants to do it, we make it work with a 1.0 um pore size, hydrophilic glass fiber with a binder resin associated with a classic filtration vial.
Be sure to add a gas filter before your pump to do not ruin it.

In total, we spent 7k€ in this filtration project. Which is way more than our initial estimation (<2k€).
Now, all our vials will be 1 um filtered to avoid external contamination.

2. The orders

We still have +170 orders pending, which we will try to get shipped before Christmas!
Expect to see our shop reopening soon or later, but with still a +-3 weeks delay. Why this delay?

3. The current money status of OELabs

Money is always the blessing point. OELabs currently have +-1 K€ left. All the money went to filtration (paying consultants for research, lab materials), moving the place, swapping providers, and paying the monthly resources (website, live chat, mail, …).
We also lost around 4k€ due to the BTC crash (cryptocurrency is hell).

To continue to make the production, we will need orders, to have money, to buy production resources (stamps, raw products, …). And paying the reminding bills (+– 1.5 K€ for current providers contracts).

4. My mindset and point of view

I always wanted to make OELabs a safely first-minded project. I think we could have been able to send vials in the last two months, but with a 30% return due to contamination. For me, it’s something not acceptable.
I hope you understand the situation, and how I’m (with the team), deeply sorry about the delays.

As always, feel free to ask your questions below.