All packages scanned, legal status & availability

First of all: Happy new year :)

Orders status

Thanks a lot to everyone who has waited a long time for their vials.
Everyone should have received a tracking number which will be mailed next week.
We are deeply sorry for the delay, and I'll try to explain the reasons below.

Everyone knows that while making such a project, we are not legally safe.
As we are a team of 3 medical doctors, we risk our licenses and career if the police or regulation caught us.
To prevent this kind of issue, we were using a lot of OPSEC, trying to keep us safe.

However, Spiffy's story makes us realize that playing this game is like being a mouse waiting to be chased. This is not a sustainable solution.
For that, we were looking during the last month for French legal advice from lawyers. Trying to find a path to get OELabs “grayed zone”. s Without a such solution, we need to keep a high OPSEC level, meaning a lot of time lost on a day to day operations (fingerprints, reduced postal automation, ...).

Future availability

We do not want to fall into the current high-delay situation.
And we will try to be low profile as possible during the future months.

The shop will reopen on 1/02 with only 100 vials of EEN and 100 vials of EV.
We will see later to add some vials.
As announced before (due to current inflation), prices will update as follow :

Also, we will create a transfer kit (from 10 mL vials to 3 mL cartridges) with all the materials (gloves, filters, syringes, 3 mL cartridges) and a “how-to” guide.
I know that 3mL packaging is life-saving for some people.

Current staff situation

I'm (Laurène), currently alone on the physical side of this project.
The two others project members are away for their jobs.

We thank a lot to Isa, which is working with us to answer the live chat and emails.
If you want to be part of the adventure, feel free to reach me.

Therefore, as we are understaffed, please be kind with your emails and live chat. We are behind trying our best.
Reading awful emails is sometimes hard to handle.

Personal Mindset

I currently absolutely do not feel safe about this project.
Some people from the transgender community who know me (my real ID) threaten me with police reporting. To be honest, that put me into a difficult psychological situation.
Also, having high delays makes me feel guilty for all people who trusted us.

However, I know that this project is life-saving for some people here. And that's why I want to continue and keep my motivation in leading this project.
Please understand that I'm afraid. But still trying to do my best to keep the best service possible.

Stay safe, Lauène