Current orders status & availability updates

Orders status

Every package have been sent to far. I know some people didn't received their vials, some asked a refund (which was ignored due to no time), ... If you are in such situation, I made some quick forms to be able to parse all theses requests more efficiently.

If you need a reship / vial exchange / .... :
If you want a refund (defect, already asked a refund before sending package, ...) :
If you have another question :

The plan is to fulfill all the requests, but alone with 1620 emails, I can't make it.

Project future

As written the 21th august, I'll close this project. At the begging, we were 3 to run it. Now I am alone. Trying to deal with my official job, Alice's health, and my own failing condition. For sure, this situation for people who trust us and for me is no longer sustainable.

This project wasn't made to last, but it was a lunching pad for something bigger. Hope you'll heard of it within 2 or 3 years if everything keeps rolling.

Vials availability

I firstly need to sure that everyone get a replacement / their orders. To do that, I'll keep 50 vials of EEN / EV in backup, in case of. Currently, the stocks are +-80 EEN & +-200 EV.

To be sure everything's goes on track, I'll only allow packages of 2 vials. Not 3, not 4. But only 2. The reason behind that is I already have prepared the packages. I Only need to stick your address label and here we go.

Expect sales opening on Monday. 12h:00 GMT.