Disaster Recovery Process – Project reboot

Hello, First of all, thank you for reading this news. These 2 last months were the most horrific in my life. I'll not enter into details, but to be short, Alice didn't healed as expected and will most likely never be. Last time she went home, she attempted on my life. Here were my last 10 days.

What about


If you are unable to receive the package, or if you need a refund, please contact us trough email at contact at oelabs.co to ask for it. We will give you all the refunds asked for. However, it can take some time to get the treasury needed for it. In case of an emergency refund, please state it on your email object.

Proceeding of all the orders

I've made during the last week 200 vials of EEn and 100 vials of EV. Today, I'll sort and check all the packages numbers already edited. And plan to send them next week.

We have 293 EEn and 291 EV waiting. New batches will be make next week.

Future of this project

Vial reservation to stock selling only

For sure, this dept like situation can't continue. As unsafe for customers and me as I'll continue this project alone. Unlike before where we were doing vial reservation, I will only put on sale what is already prepared and ready to be sold.

Project legality

For now, this project is the dark side of the biggest project that you may ear from. However for my security, I do not feel safe about following the dark path. With some lawyers, we found a way to do it more safely. The project will be rebranded.

To digest: I know how HRT is important. And that's why I want to stay and will stay present.