Disaster Recovery Process – Status


All orders containing EEN have been sent.


We still need to process 30 vials. Which should be done this week.

Place Move and Refunds

We’re currently though unstacking all our mails and messages. For sure, some individuals told us about their place to move, and we still shipped to their last known location. If you’re in this case, we will process either to a repost or a refund.

For the people waiting for a refund, we will give you as soon as possible a link where you can enter a BTC address. Money will be released as quickly as we get enough credits.

Current Ticketing System and Limitations

As you may have seen, we do rarely reply to messages. We currently have a poor ticketing system. And we need to move to a new one as soon as possible. After the platform migration, we will have four more people on the team.

Also, some well-intended human used our website to spam the entire earth, leading to the ban of our three SMTP servers. Boring.

To Conclude

We need to move on and finish the restart. We knowingly decided to send packages, even if the address could be incorrect to proceed to the most deliveries as possible. Theses orders issues will be fixed case based.

Expect a project relaunch on May 22.