Filtration & current project status

1. Filtration issue solved

After three providers trial and seven different membranes, we finally found a solution for our filtration issue.
We dropped the idea of sterile filtration (<0.22 um) because, the smaller pores are the shorter filter life is. Filtering a single litter of oestradiol with 20 different filters is not sustainable.

For community purpose, if someone wants to do it, we make it work with a 1.0 um pore size, hydrophilic glass fiber with a binder resin associated with a classic filtration vial.
Be sure to add a gas filter before your pump to do not ruin it.

In total, we spent 7k€ in this filtration project. Which is way more than our initial estimation (<2k€).
Now, all our vials will be 1 um filtered to avoid external contamination.

2. The orders

We still have +170 orders pending, which we will try to get shipped before Christmas!
Expect to see our shop reopening soon or later, but with still a +-3 weeks delay. Why this delay?

3. The current money status of OELabs

Money is always the blessing point. OELabs currently have +-1 K€ left. All the money went to filtration (paying consultants for research, lab materials), moving the place, swapping providers, and paying the monthly resources (website, live chat, mail, …).
We also lost around 4k€ due to the BTC crash (cryptocurrency is hell).

To continue to make the production, we will need orders, to have money, to buy production resources (stamps, raw products, …). And paying the reminding bills (+– 1.5 K€ for current providers contracts).

4. My mindset and point of view

I always wanted to make OELabs a safely first-minded project. I think we could have been able to send vials in the last two months, but with a 30% return due to contamination. For me, it’s something not acceptable.
I hope you understand the situation, and how I’m (with the team), deeply sorry about the delays.

As always, feel free to ask your questions below.