Project status, debt & future

Please find below some information about how the project is doing.

Filtration status

Everything is going fine with 1 um filtration. See here for details.


French orders have been sent today. Internationals are waiting for stamps to come. It should come within 1 week. We expect to ship before New Year.

Budget status

This is the hard point. After the filtration issue, we had 1.5k€ left. After the stamps order, the project is in debt of 2.5k€. And some providers need to be paid before January 5, 2023.


We will reopen the orders today, with the same price as before. However, due to the backlog and the holidays, expect a 1-month delay (up to maximum two).

After January 9, price will be increased due to our raw cost (stamps took 10%, raw API 15%, external lab cost 15%) and filtration improvement.

Price will be

Little upgrade

Now, valerate vials have a red cap. And enantate a blue one ;)