Need to move on.

Two days ago, I was about to write that Alice fully recovered. However, since yesterday she seems to be fully incoherent as she were three weeks ago.
To be honest, I do not know what to think about the situation.

This project doesn't concern only Alice, Josephine and me. It also concern you, the people who trusted us. And I can't delay further more my implication on this project, even if the situation hasn't moved. My professional activity will be resume this week. I'll then clean all the pending orders.

The processes for order cleaning

Since some people waited up to 2 months their packages, some have ordered vials with another sellers. Some lost the thrust on this project (what I fully understand). Full refund process will be setup in the following days. It can take some times before going trough, based on the project money.

Please wait up to three day for the following procedures :

Staff & support reworking

Before Alice felled, I were working on a support system swap. In order to allow more people to help us, and have a better following on the current tickets. This step still need to be done, which I will work on the following days.