Under current heavy issues, information notice

We are facing some heavy issues with OELabs, which I want to share with you.

1- The website currently down

We are aware of the situation and are currently working to fix it as soon as possible.
This issue is caused by the underlying storage database which appeared to be broken for some unknown reasons.

2 – Place move and contamination issue.

In October, we moved to a new place where we have a dedicated space lab.
But once installed, we notice heavy contamination in our solution. Which are incompatible with safety.
For that, we had the filtration solution as planned before. However…

3 – Filtration issue

After three trials with two different providers, all filtration batches were contaminated with filter particles. Which are also incompatible with product safety.
We tried MCE, PES, PVDF 0.22 um & 0.45, under Steritop Merck Millipore solution and syringes filters (around 3k€ lost)...
We are working with a new provider to have a new filtration solution.

If you have experience with non/sterile filtration, feel free to share your knowledge.

4 – Our current status

We still have 171 pending orders which for safety can’t be honored yet.
For now, we can’t share a product delivery date. In case of an emergency due to our delays, we have 10 valerate vials that can be sent.
Contact us at contact at oelabs.co until our website is fixed.

As close to transgender people, I know how HRT is important and health required.
I wanna share my apologies. I promise we are trying our best to make this situation resolved.

Ask us whatever you want under this thread.
I'll watch it and try to answer everyone.